North West Is A Big Time Director Now So Stay Out Of Her Way

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"You're doing it wrong"

Ah, celebrity kids, they're just like us.

They get bored, make videos at home and tell their parents they're "doing it wrong".

Case in point: North West.

The oldest of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's brood has made her own music video for Lil Nas' Old Town Road featuring Billy Ray Cyrus (or, in her video, feat. Mum). 

And while yes, many parts of this directorial debut harken back to our own childhood mems - doing the latest dance craze, telling mum she's "doing it wrong" etc. - we have to admit, we didn't have a casual 138 million followers for our showcase.

Like, we had to bribe dad to come to our magic show once.

Character-building memories aside, Northie's vid is worth a watch:

Kim and Kanye recently welcomed their fourth child, a yet-unnamed boy via surrogate.

Kim announced the arrival on 11 May writing, "He's here and he's perfect" on Twitter.

The only question is: will North let him play 'Music Video Director' with her?

Also, what's his name?

Image: Getty / Rich Fury/Forum Photos


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Written By Ally Parker