OMG Blake and Davina have been talking and is it bad if we ship it?

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“She actually slid into my DMs”

They say two wrongs don’t make a right but this pairing somehow makes so much sense to us.

Bachelor In Paradise’s Blake Coleman has confirmed he’s been chatting to fellow TV villain Davina Rankin.

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Speaking to Who, the reality star said of the Married at First Sight bride:

“She actually slid into my DMs the other day! I’ve been taking the piss on Instagram after the whole “Lenora” thing and everyone was messaging me in response to the memes and she just said “dead” with a crying eyes emoji.”

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But is Blake ready to move on yet, after his relationship with Laurina (AKA Lenora)?

“Yeah, I got over her really quickly… I was into her at that point but you know when you’re in that sort of space you’ve got to move on quickly and I know it’s not shown but me and Meg (Megan Marx). I was super into her. She’s just a legend. She’s like super chill, she hates drama and stuff and she’s just really mellow.”


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