Petition to have Mel Schilling fired from MAFS after 'favouring' Ines

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Melissa Schilling

"Mel needs to make a formal apology or be sacked from the show."

Let's be honest, every year when Married At First Sight airs, people have a lot to say about the 'experts' on the show. And with their track rate of couples staying together after the experiment, it's understandable why people feel like they could be doing a better job.

One of the three relationship experts on the show, Mel Schilling, was praised on Sunday night for calling out Bronson Norrish who called his 'wife' Ines Basic the C-word.

However, many viewers are angry at the fact Ines wasn't also penalised for her behaviour as she was seen yelling at Bronson multiple times during their honeymoon. Viewer Tyson Smith was so angry he decided to create a petition demanding Mel is fired or forced to issue a public apology.

The Change.Org petition is steadily climbing to its 35,000 target with over 31,100 signatures on the page. 

Tyson wrote on the petition:

"Married at first sight so called expert 'Mel Schilling' lashes out at Bronson for using foul language.. This so called psychologist is a biased feminist who has made it clear that she thinks it’s okay for a woman to behave the way Ines does. 

"Bronson has been a victim of her verbal and emotional abuse all week, and the second he decides its enough 'expert' Mel comes in and says he shouldn’t be using that language. The thing is, Ines is exactly what he said, a nasty, abusive piece of work. 

"Mel needs to make a formal apology or be sacked from the show. The show doesn’t need one sided feminists as an 'expert'."

John Walsh, the show's executive producer, told Daily Mail Australia

"There were 12 women in the room that night and a man used language that was highly insulting and inflammatory in reference to his wife.

"Mel acted in the only way appropriate by calling out the language - language that is not ever considered acceptable anywhere, anytime.

"We are shocked at the backlash Mel has received for defending another woman."

Mel has been forced to turn off comments on her Instagram account and told 9Honey she's "gender blind" when giving relationship advice to the contestants:

"Abusive or harmful behaviour is something I’m going to call out whether it’s men or women doing it."

"As experts sitting on that couch we are not privy to everything that happens to the participants during the week."

"If a person had a problem and they sought professional advice, that professional wouldn't have seen what they'd done for the last week outside of that session. They only have what's going on in that session to respond to.

"Similarly, that's all I was responding to -- what was happening there in the moment without the benefit of that information about what had happened in the wedding and the honeymoon. We only saw what was happening in front of us."

Many viewers have taken to social media to share their thoughts on Ines and Bronson's relationship:

Speaking on the Today show on Monday, fellow expert John Aiken said he would have done the same thing if Mel hadn't jumped in:

"Frankly, if she hadn't, I would have because it was so repulsive."

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Image: Channel Nine

Written By Marni Dixit