Pics Of The Friends Cast Having A Girls Night Are Giving Us Major FOMO

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From work wives to IRL BFFs.  

There’s no gal gang quite like the trifecta that is Phoebe, Monica and Rachel. 

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We would’ve given up our entire collection of platform thongs to be their BFF back in the day, (and LBH, we still wanna be part of their crew). 

So when Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox, and Lisa Kudrow had a girls night out without us, we were shook. And the pics have given us an incurable case of FOMO. 

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Courtney took to Instagram to share a cute snap of the three on-screen-turned-real-life besties, captioned, "Trying to figure out what to say on Instagram . . . #gotnothing #friends #girlsnight." 

Lisa also shared a pic of the trio, captioning it "Halfway there . . . #girlsnight #?"


They sure seem to be hanging out a lot. This may be wishful thinking but could they maybe possibly be filming that Friends reunion Jen teased

We will never give up hope.

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Written By Brynn Davies