Protesters Ambush J Lo On Red Carpet For Pro-Fur Stance

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A mob of animal rights activists have confronted Hustlers star Jennifer Lopez at the stripper flick’s Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) premiere.

The diva is well known for her love of all things fur and has copped abuse from PETA for years over her penchant for wearing animal skins.

Reps of the animal advocacy organisation stormed the red carpet with placards reading “J-LO HATES ANIMALS”, yelling at the actress that there is “blood on her hands”.

Anti-fur groups have major objections to the film itself, with previews showing Lopez’s character Ramona in a white coat seemingly made of fox fur.

Twitter has also responded to the furore, with many calling the movie “disgusting” for its use of fur, and questioning how an entertainer as renowned as Jen could be so “callous”.

The protest is one of several planned by PETA at the event to oppose sponsor Canada Goose, an outerwear company known for its use of goose feathers and coyote fur.

Last week, PETA activist Pamela Anderson wrote a letter urging TIFF to sever ties with the company over its alleged cruelty towards the animals:

"Canada Goose's 'standards' allow for coyotes to suffer for days in steel traps with a broken or bleeding leg before the trapper returns to shoot or bludgeon them to death, and the company's jackets are stuffed with the down feathers of birds who died violently."

For her part, JLo continued to strut the carpet unfazed.

Source: WENN

Image: Getty, Instagram/JLo

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Written By Isabella Bull