Reports Georgie Gardner 'demanded' not to work with Karl Stefanovic

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The plot thickens...

News broke earlier in the week that after 14 years Karl Stefanovic would be stepping down from his role on the Today Show.

Speculations about the reason/s behind the axing have run rampant ever since with many saying Karl's relationship and 'Ubergate' are to blame - the latter of which, Georgie has handled with the utmost class btw.

Today The Daily Telegraph has added to the rumour mill claiming co-host Georgie Gardner played a big role.

According to the publication, Georgie, who replaced Lisa Wilkinson last year, had "demanded not to work with him".

This is reportedly after the 48-year-old presenter became fed up with his headline-making antics and was "assured" by Channel Nine that she would only have to work with him for 12 months.

"Georgie simply demanded she won't work with Karl anymore," a Nine executive reportedly told The Daily Telegraph.

"She hates Karl and has done for a long time."

Karl issued a statement as part of the announcement stating: 

"For the last 14 years I've co-hosted the best show on television. I can't thank Nine enough for the opportunity. I never in my wildest dreams thought I would be good enough to host this grand show for so long.

"Thanks to our viewers mostly, you are what matters most. It's been a tough time. Thanks for hanging in there. I look forward to seeing you in another capacity at this great Network soon."

The news came shortly after his younger brother, Peter, announced that he was also leaving Channel Nine.

Since the statements were released, Channel Nine spokesperson has said the report is "utter garbage" in a statement to Nova.

TL;DR The plot is so thick RN.

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