Rhyce Power Spotted In Saucy Pic With Bachie Contestant

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Do they all go to the same gym or something?

He made headlines for galavanting about with his sister Jessica's co-star (Tamara, remeber?) and now Rhyce Power has been connected to another reality TV hopeful: Monique.

NW magazine report the Bachie intruder as supposedly dating for a few months back in the day.

Monique even has a picture of the pair on her Instagram:

"They made a great couple. She thought Rhyce was amazing and was a bit sad when it ended," a source told NW. 

"They've known each other for years. Monique deserves all the love in the world!"

As mentioned, the news comes after Rhyce was linked to MAFS contestant Tamara Joy.

The pair were spotted all over each other's Instagrams while in Bali including in a spa and in bed but denied being anything more than friends.

“We’re both single. We’re friends just hanging out with each other in bed, watching movies,” Rhyce said at the time. 

Image: Instagram / Rhyce Power

Written By Ally Parker