Sarah Hyland In The Emergency Room With Her Fiancé Wells Adams By Her Side

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"ER but make it fashion."

Sarah Hyland has been an open book when it comes to her health, and her fans have been nothing but supportive. 

Her fiancé, Wells Adams, has also been an important support. 

The Modern Family actress, who has a chronic kidney condition, took to Instagram to share her latest stint in the hospital with Wells by her side. 

She shared a black and white snap with the caption:

"ER but make it fashion."

Sarah also shared  a couple of snaps with a filter:

“Oh my gosh look at you, you’re an Instagram model now."

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Sarah didn't share why she was in the hospital but it’s nice to see the pair can have a bit of fun while in a pretty serious situation. 

This is not the first time Sarah’s  spent time in ER this year. 

Back in June she checked herself in after feeling like she was being “choked”. She told fans that she felt that she couldn't breathe and had chest pains. 

The star spent a weekend being treated for symptoms doctors could not account for, and she returned home after four days. 

Sarah’s health complications (sadly) don’t end there. The actor has had two kidney transplants: one from her father in 2012, and another from her brother in 2017 after her body rejected the first transplant.

Here’s hoping Sarah makes a full recovery from her latest time in the hospital.

Image: Instagram

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Written By Christina Cavaleri


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