Scott Disick is being dragged online for sharing “racist” photo with his daughter

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New year, same drama

Taking his fatherly duties seriously, Scott kicked off the new year with a cute daddy-daughter date with his and Kourtney Kardasian’s daughter Penelope. 

The pair dined at a schmancy looking Japanese restaurant with some serious mood lighting and we don't even have to see the food to be a little bit jealous.

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Best first date of 2019!

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“Best date of 2019,” Scott captioned the picture and suddenly our hearts turned to mush. 

But some followers were less than impressed, flooding his commented with fury and criticism. 

“I’m Asian and that was racist,” wrote one fan. 

“She must have seen someone do it to think it’s okay,” another said. 

“Teach her not to do the Chinese eye thing at a sushi restaurant,” another user commented. “Don’t teach her to be a racist. Cause that’s what’s gonna happen.”

But it wasn’t all bad because a bunch of Scott’s follows also defended the photo. 

“She is a little f**ing girl making a goofy face in a picture with her dad,” one user wrote. 

“Did you never make silly faces as a kid?” Another fan asked. “Just let the girl be silly and live her life!!! If you have nothing nice to say then say nothing at all.”

Scott is yet to comment on the #drama but he HAS uploaded another instagram pic: a snap of him and cute Penelope chilling on the couch. 

Probably zonked out from all the sushi and too unbothered to waste time on internet drama.

“Living my best life,” Scott captioned the photo. 

Mood for 2019? 

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Written By Krisinda Merhi