Seven Year Switch star Kaitlyn Isham 'punched in the face'

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More controversy for Seven Year Switch star Kaitlyn Isham.

Daily Mail report that the 28-year-old called 911 following a domestic violence incident in 2011.

Her stepfather, Patrick Dabney, was arrested after police found Kaitlyn “crying and visibly upset” with a “bloody nose” at his house in Palm Beach County.

In the report obtained by the Daily Mail, her mother Donna told police Kaitlyn had “instigated a physical confrontation by making a lot of noise in the kitchen to upset him”.

The police report read:

“Kaitlyn advised she slammed the microwave door which upset her step-father, who was attempting to watch TV. Kaitlyn advised her step-father asked her several times not to slam the microwave door which made her slam it a few times more because she wanted to irritate him.

“Kaitlyn advised at this time her step-father came into the kitchen and punched her in the face causing her nose to bleed. 

“Donna advised her husband and Kaitlyn do not get along and on this date it came to a head. Donna advised she did not physically see the altercation but was aware that her husband punched Kaitlyn in the face.

“I asked Patrick Dabney if this were true and he advised "Yes". Donna further advised she believes Kaitlyn instigated a physical confrontation with her husband by intentionally making a lot of noise in the kitchen to upset him."

Kaitlyn was staying with her mother and stepfather temporarily after graduating college, and later dropped all charges against her stepfather. 

In a statement to the Daily Mail, Kaitlyn said:

“This happened a long time ago during an incredibly tragic and emotional time for my entire family.

“I have a great relationship with my family, including my stepfather – and I am grateful for their love, trust and support. They are good people.”

It’s not the first time Kaitlyn’s past has come back to haunt her. Explicit images and video from her former time was a webcam model were recently circulated online - with Channel Seven explaining they came from “a very low point in her life’”.

Kaitlyn is currently appearing on Seven Year Switch to try and save her relationship with an IT professional called Mark.

Written By Hayley