Social media is frothing over this Married At First Sight brother

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The internet has spoken.

We're not content with the current offering of eligible blokes and bloke-ettes across our MAFS screens.

Dino? Nic? Mick? Martha? Lauren? Cyrrell? Nah.

We want that brother.

In case you missed it, MAFS last night saw Jessika matched with Mick aka The Farmer. And while we basked in the awkwardness that is two complete strangers sussing each other out, it was Jess's brother Rhyce who stole the show.

Or at least, that's what Twitter felt:

AKA Thirst level 100.

The Aussie, who you can stalk via Insta below, appears to be mates with at least one Bacherloette Boi (Paddy) and is - for the record - fully aware of the media buzz surrounding him (if his Instagram Stories are anything to go by) so if you're going to @ him?

The time is now.

Image: Instagram / MAFS

Nova has reached out to Channel Nine for comment.

Is Mel from MAFS already having problems with Dino?


Written By Ally Parker