Social Media Slams Kylie Jenner And Yeah, We Kinda Agree

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Kylie Jenner, 22-year-old 'self-made billionare' has once again stoked the flames of Twitter.

Look, it's not like it's a hard thing to do, we get it, but damn... we kind of agree with them today.

Kylie posted a series of Instagram Stories showing off her shoe shopping spree on August 22. Pictured are black, crystal-covered Gucci sandals ($USD1,250), black Balenciaga heels ($USD995), white Balenciaga heels ($USD995) and red Balenciaga heels (estimated to be around $USD1,000)

Kylie went on to show off her Bottega Veneta black slip on slide sandals, then her entire shoe closet (bloody massive TBH) asking, "I have a problem?".

Twitter and Instagram users alike have jumped to point out that KJ has had her (latest) shopping spree while the Amazon rainforest is burning.

“Kylie Jenner be like buying her 673838th pair of Gucci shoes meanwhile amazon forest is BURNING," one Twitter user wrote.

"Girlie has tons of money and tons of followers, she could at least post something to her ig story & raise awareness."

For those not in the know, Brazil's National Institute for Space Research has reported 72,843 fires in the country, with more than half of these being seen in the Amazon region since the start of 2019.

Translation: more than one-and-a-half soccer fields of Amazon rainforest are being destroyed every minute of every day. And that's secondary to the not-so-casual 80 per cent increase in deforestation that has happened this year.

Why does this matter?

As the world's largest rainforest, the Amazon - which covers 40 per cent of South America btw - produces 20 per cent of earth's oxygen. The "planet's lungs" is also home to 30 million people and a smorgasboard of mammals, birds, reptiles and other animal species.

You read more and sign a petition here.

Image: Kylie Jenner / Instagram

Written By Ally Parker