There's a Christmas version of Baby Shark to deliver you slowly but surely into hell

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Good god.

Sometimes in life you find yourself truly, truly torn.

One the one hand, we want to warn you about the impending apocalypse that is Baby Shark: The Christmas Edition, on the other, we know just uttering these words will get Satan's tune stuck in your head.

Either way, don't hate the messenger, love/hate the message.

TL;DR it exists.

Someone will play it purposefully to annoy you over Chrissy and/or rile up the kids.

No amount of sparkling wine nor Christmas cheer (see: rocking back and forth in the corner) will override its Dementor-like ability to destroy.

Image: YouTube


We just ‘ADORE’ having Amy Shark in Nova’s Red Room. Check it out below, it’s a lot better than our pun.

Written By Ally Parker

"Some days you feel the grief more than others."

The son of Odin has some competition. 

Wait... WHAT?!