There's A Spicy Rumour Helena Will Walk Out Of The Bachelor

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Parting is (not) such sweet sorrow.

It's a long-held rumour that Helena Sauzier will score a spot in the top three on this season's The Bachelor

Looking at her romantic, moon-lit date with ol' mate Matt, we can definitely see where these rumours are coming from. 

But apparently it's not all bathtubs and champagne between the 25-year-old and Bachie.

Woman's Day report a source as saying Helena became "very cold" to crew and fellow contestants.

"It was hard to make her appear loving."

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And that's not all. 

The same insider reportedly told the magazine that Helena "never really put up a proper fight for Matt."

Which, IDK, seems a bit much considering she might have been just a) not sure about her feelings (fair 'nuff) b) a bit overwhelmed about group dating/group living for several weeks (also fair 'nuff) or c) just had resting bitch face (fair bloody 'nuff).

The news comes after fellow contestant Kristen revealed the reason Abbie has been kept around despite the drama. You can read up here.

Image: Instagram / Helena Sauzier


Written By Ally Parker