These rumoured MAFS intruders are about to shake things up

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Four new faces = 4x the drama

Because MAFS hasn’t been bonkers enough this week (hello Ines sliding into Sam’s DMs during last night’s episode), there's even more drama brewing. 

And that drama takes the form of four new contestants. 

Yep, four new brides and grooms are rumoured to be intruding on the couples. 

Which means things are about to get a whole lot shakier. 

And thanks to Woman's Day we have names (well, first names) and faces to go along with the gossip. 

Australia, meet your (rumoured) intruders: 


An aspiring model, actor and body builder, Billy is half reality TV cliché and half brother to current MAFS groom Sam Ball (not really but seriously, they look the same). 


Apparently a mum-of-one and Instagram addicted because what is MAFS without a little vanity?


Woman’s Day says Danny is a former rugby player who “knows how to play the field.”

Daniel has a young son and is a businessman. Mr Steal-Your-Girl much?


A brunette with blue eyes, we’re kinda getting Ines vibes from this intruder. But maybe she’ll be a better match for Bronson?

Who knows. 

All four peeps currently have their Instagram accounts on private so we don’t get to do the official stalk, but you can see what they look like here

In the meantime we’ll be gearing up for tonight’s episode of MAFS. 

And by gearing up we mean getting a bottle of wine and some Advil ready because all the drama is giving us some serious anxiety. 

Images: MAFS / Channel Nine. 


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Written By Krisinda Merhi