Tim Robards Spotted Without Wedding Ring At The Melbourne Cup

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The pair have been living in different cities for a while. 

The Bachelor Australia has the highest rate of successful relationships of Bachie franchises around the world 

It's given us some wonderful pairings, including Matty J and Laura Byrne, and Tim Robards and Anna Heinrich. 

But it seems the latter couple might be uncoupling, as rumours began to swirl following their appearance at The Melbourne Cup.

Tim and Anna arrived at The Cup separately, having spent the previous night apart due to living in different cities. 

Tim currently lives in Melbourne where he films Neighbours (yep, he's in Neighbours, who knew), while Anna is based in Sydney, where she works as a criminal lawyer. 

The rumours of trouble in paradise weren't helped by the fact that Tim rocked up to The Melbourne Cup without one key accessory: his wedding ring. 

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Despite these^ weird tidbits, Tim cleared things up with the Daily Mail. 

"I'm not in a hotel [with Anna] because Monday to Friday I live down here [Melbourne], but she is only here a couple of days," he told the publication. 

Very practical of him but okay, sure. But what about the wedding ring? 

Tim didn't clear that one up but he has previously shared that he's not "really a ring kind of guy." 

Apparently, he rarely wears it. He shared on Instagram earlier this year that he tends to leave his wedding ring in Sydney to wear on "special occasions". 

Also, very practical. 

Props to Tim for practicality but not for romance. 

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So are Tim and Anna struggling? Apparently not and we certainly hope not. To each their own, we guess. 

Images: Anna Heinrich / Instagram, Giphy / Giphy. 

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Written By Krisinda Merhi