Tristan Thompson FINALLY Breaks His Silence

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Oh Jordyn, you’re in trouble now.


Keeping Up With The Kardashians season finale (Part One) has finally graced our screens and the tea is piping hot in the triangle between Khloe Kardashian, Tristan Thompson and Jordyn Woods. 

It’s been several months since Jordyn did her Red Table Talk, but after the KUWTK episode it looks like she has may have altered the facts.​

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Let’s recap: Jordyn sat down at the red table with Jada Pinkett-Smith earlier this year to tell her side of the drama. She claimed that no matter what was being said, no making out happened between her and Tristan. Their lips did meet, but it was only a peck. A simple “kiss on the lips.”

“Never once was I giving him a lap dance, making out with him, sitting all over him,” Jordyn told Jada. 

Is it true?

Before the episode went to air, Entertainment Tonight reached out to Jordyn for a statement:

Jordyn told Entertainment Tonight: “Everyone has their truth and their story, so you just go with it. Everyone has the right to speak their truth.”

Turns out it’s not that simple. 

Khloe reveals “Once Tristan finally landed in Cleveland, he saw my millions of text messages of me… you know. He already knew what was up and there was nothing else he could do but confirm it. 

“I got my questions answered. Everyone left and Jordyn stayed. She was sitting on his lap on a chair, they were all over each other, they were handsy. They made out.”

It seems that’s the tea, people. Jordyn LIED.

This comes after Tristan had voiced to Khloe that he may “kill himself” shortly after the scandal broke.  

During a conversation with sister Kourtney and Scott Disick in the season finale, Khloe says she reached out to a mutual friend, Oguz Savas, to check up on Tristan at his Cleveland home with fears for his wellbeing.

“He’s like ‘I can’t stop thinking about you and what mess I have caused.’

“He’s doing this to get a reaction out of me. Oh, so I’m just allowed to say ‘I’m going to kill myself’ at any time? That’s crazy,” Khloe said.​

We’re waiting with bated breath for Part Two.

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Written By Natalie Fornasier