Truth Behind Survivor Star's 'Tiny' Bikini Strategy

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Model Sam Schoers is the latest to leave this season of Survivor, exiting shortly after swapping to a new tribe.

The 30-year-old contestant told

“I had no idea. I even left a pair of shoes and a hat back at camp — I did NOT think I was going."

Sam notoriously didn't get a lot of air time this season, with many complaining on Twitter about her lack of screen time and no confessional to speak of.

This is, of course, second to the comments about her bikini choice. The model competed in an early challenge which prompted comments; namely about how 'tiny' and delicate it seemed:

“Firstly, I don’t know why there was ‘uproar’; they were actually just bathers. There were plenty of other people in bathers … some of the boys were in their underwear!” she told

Explaining that she got the bathers on purpose, Sam explained that the sides of the bikini briefs were adjustable and she had the top reinforced by a professional.

“And it helped, because I lost eight kilos throughout my experience and I needed them to be extra tight; I needed them to be comfortable," she explained. 

“So there you go: They might have looked delicate, but they absolutely were not. I put a lot of thought into what I was wearing..."

Image: Instagram / Sam Schoer

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Written By Ally Parker