Turns Out There Was A Fairly Gross Reason Vakoo Missed The Rose Ceremony

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Happens to the best of us.

We're two episodes in for this Bachie season and we've already got eight 'intruders', one helicopter ride and a mystery.

Eagled-eyed viewers spotted Vakoo's absence from the drama-filled rose ceremony (six relatively unknown ladies went home).

But we've got good news; the mystery has been solved.

And no, it's not a walk out a la that one 'model' in Sam Frost's season (HAHAHAHAHA), it's as simple as a case of conjunctivitis.

Now To Love report that Vakoo skipped both the cocktail party and rose ceremony as she had come down with a case of conjunctivitis or 'pink eye'.

The publication report that the ol' mate Matt Agnew have her a rose after filming.

Hopefully using some dettol.

Image: Channel Ten

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Written By Ally Parker