Tziporah Malkah popped into the servo in nothing but undies and a bed sheet

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No, really.

In news that should surprise no one, but we're all captivated by anyway, Tziporah Malkah has been a bit weird in public.

And by that we mean she popped into the servo in nothing but undies and a bed sheet.

In winter.

No, really:

The 44-year-old was spotted in North Sydney picking up some milk according to Daily Mail.

It's also believed that this appearance proves that Tziporah's level of f**ks has dropped to negative levels.

Tziporah was last in the limelight during I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here! last year, losing 19kg. 

She also made a surprise visit to the luxury Bondi apartment she shared with former fiancé James Packer in the 1990s.

Despite the fact James likely no longer lives there, Tziporah made the visit and dropped a flower at the door.

"I must admit, I felt a bit nervous at the door, it had been so long since I'd been around there," she  told New Idea.

"I tried to buy forget-me-nots, but the shop didn't have those. So I just bought a dark purple pansy instead. I'm actually feeling a bit embarrassed, it was a silly thing for me to do I suppose."

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Written By Ally Parker