'Unfair' Ninja Warrior Ruling Sees Contestant Disqualified

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Wait... WHAT?!

A last minute ruling has caused quite the ruckus after a contestant finished the course, only to be told she was disqualified.

Trudie Horskins, 39, completed the course - lauded as the weirdest one of Aussie series so far - only to be told her run didn't count.

The aqua aerobics instructor cleared the course’s first obstacle in three seconds flat, before wrapping herself around the ‘Rolling Log’ obstacle and holding on as it picked up speed.

It was during this second obstacle that Trudie's shoe can be seen flying off.

“It just seems so unfair, but the international Ninja rules are really clear about this,” said host Rebecca Maddern.

“I need to stress for people watching at home that we’ve witnessed the briefings where they’re told that if anything, even a hairclip, falls off you and goes into that water, you’re disqualified,” added Ben.

“It would be unfair to the other Ninjas if she was allowed to continue against the rules,” he said.

Trudie looked gutted as she stepped off the course. She told cameras she was “so devastated” by the disqualification.

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Image: Channel 9

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Written By Ally Parker

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