Ya Fave Kids Show ’Arthur’ Just Got Its First Gay Couple

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What a wonderful kind of day!

Arthur was our entire childhood.

An afternoon of back-to-back episodes followed by some Round The Twist (if we were lucky) was the best way to avoid doing homework. 

Also, best theme song ever? We think yes! 

Arthur is STILL on TV and in its 22nd second season, but the show is just as great as we remember. 

The latest episode follows Arthur and his friends as they try to break up Mr Ratburn and the pushy woman they think his engaged to. 

Eventually, they find out the woman is actually Mr Ratburn’s sister and that instead, he’s marrying the guy from the chocolate shop they went to earlier in the episode. 

That’s right, your fave cartoon teacher, Mr Ratburn, is gay. He even got married on the show and it was beautiful.

(Whoever told you we cried is lying don’t believe them). 

(Okay we totally cried). 

People were very happy about it and rightfully so: it’s 2019, gay marriage is legal, love is love and beautiful and wonderful and everyone deserves to be happy.

It’s important to note that this isn’t the first time the Arthur-verse has featured a gay character. 

A 2005 episode of the show’s spinoff, Postcards From Buster, saw Buster visit Vermont to see how sugar is made where he met he met several children whose moms were lesbians. 

Buster commented, “Boy, that’s a lot of moms!” Have a watch:

So there you have it: Arthur educating kids and making people’s days since 1996. 

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Images: Arthur / PBS, Giphy / Giphy. 


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