Bachie Villain Rachael Knew 'Plan B Crew Member' BEFORE The Show

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Bachie villain Rachael Arahill has officially been booted from the series after supposedly giving her 'plan B' - a crew member - her number.

The personal trainer, 23, was adamant on the show that it was "100 per cent a joke" and told Confidential it was "taken out of context."

But when she appeared on Fitzy and Wippa this morning, Rachael revealed that actually... she was hitting on the crew member.

"I was hitting on one of the crew members, yes."

"I'd already said to the producers that I wanted to leave," she added.

"I'd been thinking about it [leaving] for two weeks so every time I got a rose I was confused. I was like, 'I don't even talk to this guy'."

I barely saw him. I didn't have time to be like, 'I'm not into you'."

"I tried to [give her number to the crew member] but I didn't get to. One of the girls must have done it for me."

And that's not all, Rachael also explained to Fitzy the Plan B in question was "Matt's house minder" aka the "guy who looks after him".

Upon further questioning by Fitzy and Wippa, Rachael went on to reveal she knew the guy from a potential hook up and/or Bumble match before the show.

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Written By Ally Parker