Andy Lee Drops MAJOR Confession On His Girlfriend

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It's cute, but a little creepy...

It's the first radio interview Andy Lee and Rebecca Harding have EVER done as a couple, and what better way to commemorate the occasion than with a good ol’ game of 'Couple Confessions'.

This morning, Fitzy and Wippa caught up with the adorable pair and made them tell each other something they’d never shared before.

From smashed cars, chocolates, skin conditions and ditching help around the house, ALL the cards were on the table.

Although, our favourite confession had to be when Andy admitted the extremes he went to just to get Rebecca's attention during their 6-month break.

Which, may we add, didn't exactly go to plan...

Watch him explain the sweet gesture below:

Lead Image: Andy Lee/ Instagram

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Written By Rosanna Lamotta


She kept Timm's ring!

*Mic drop*