Brutal! Leonardo DiCaprio dissed Chris Hemsworth twice

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The Aussie superstar’s personal trainer has spilled the beans.

We’d assume two top blokes like Leonardo DiCaprio and our own Chris Hemsworth would get along famously.

Turns out? Not so much.

Speaking to Fitzy & Wippa this morning, Chris Hemsworth’s personal trainer Luke Zocchi revealed that Hemsworth’s attempts to befriend the Oscar winner didn’t go too well.

“We were on a press tour for Thor 2. We were in Japan, we were staying at the Ritz Carlton and DiCaprio was there with his whole posse. Chris was reaching out to his publicist going, ‘Get Leo, I want to have a beer with him.’”

Aaaaaaand old mate DiCaprio never even replied!

But it gets worse. According to Zocchi, Chris made another attempt just a few days later.

“We were standing in the lobby. I remember Chris waving and I remember turning and DiCaprio’s marching through the lobby with 15 dudes and he just walked straight past Chris… It was amazing.”

Amazingly awkward!


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Written By Cassie Crofts