Chris Hemsworth Reveals EVERYTHING He’s Stolen From Set

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How’d he get away with this?!

Let’s face it, apart from being a very, very, beautiful human, Chris Hemsworth is an all- round top bloke and there’s nothing we don’t love about him!

This morning, the Hollywood A-lister caught up with Fitzy and Wippa to talk all things ‘Men In Black’ where yes, he revealed a few of the items he’s stolen from set (and, trust us when we say, they’re epic!)

“I actually didn’t on this one [Men In Black], I’ve taken my fair share of hammers and so on from Thor. I’ve got two of Thor’s hammers which you know, weren’t meant to come home with me and they did” – Chris revealed.

“I have a Stormbreaker, which is a massive big axe thing that he had in the 'Avengers' and it’s so funny they keep ending up on the mantelpiece and my wife’s like ‘nup’ and they end up back in the cupboard somewhere and then I put them back out” – he added.

As for what’s next for Chris? The ‘Avengers’ star revealed he’s focusing on getting back home and obtaining a balance between life and movies, which hey, we can’t argue with at all:

“It’s funny, if you went back 10 years and you said to me what would be my dream scenario this is kind of it” – Chris said.

“And, you know coming off also the success of ‘Avengers’ and how that was received and so on, I’ve kind of found myself going oh wow, I can now sort of sit back and enjoy this and appreciate it and stop sort of chasing and running… You know if I don’t do it now, I’ll never do it.”

“So, I have this year um [sic] I’m probably not going to shoot anything, and you know I have a press tour and a few endorsements and bits and pieces but mostly just being home” – He added.

Well, good on you mate, you’ve earned the well-deserved break!

Lead Image: David M. Benett/ Contributor/ Getty Images


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Written By Rosanna Lamotta