Dan From MAFS Reveals The Reason Jess Has Yet To Meet His Son

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Not sure if legit… 

In case you missed it (but how could you?) Married At First Sight has taken over the country. And last night Fitzy and Wippa held a dinner party to celebrate the current season. 

The night featured some of MAFS most controversial faces, lots of wine and even more drama. 

Lots and lots of drama. 

The drama level reached an all time high when Fitzy and Wippa pulled out their very own honesty box and asked the contestants some spicy questions. 

Jessika Power’s reaction says it all:

Side note: Cyrell’s comment on the above photo says A LOT MORE.

“She’s shocked because she wouldn’t have a clue how to be honest,” Cyrell wrote on the post. 

Brutal. But… 

The honesty box questions touched on a bunch of things from wine throwing to wife swapping. 

Oh and apparently Dan Webb still hasn’t introduced his son to Jess. Despite saying on MAFS he was so excited to do so????? 

So, when IS Dan planning on introducing his ~bride~ to his son? 

“Obviously coming out of the experiment It’s been a hell of a ride and we’re just taking our time,” he said. 

“We’re just building a bit of a foundation and building a bit of a relationship, you know?”


Respect for taking it slow. 

Except we thought you already had a relationship, Dan? 

We thought you were so excited, Dan?

We thought Jess was the one, Dan? 

We don’t know how we feel about this one guys and gals. 

Check out Dan’s response in the video below: 

Images: MAFS / Channel Nine, Giphy / Giphy. 

Written By Krisinda Merhi

“Were you trying to rap, or talking out of your clacker?”

Will the MAFS drama ever end?!

And guess which member we spotted new ink on?