Did We Just Uncover How MAFS’ Jessika And Mick Break-Up?

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It all makes sense…

Everyone is seriously OBSESSED with Married At First Sight Australia, and if there’s something that’s destined to come out of the drama-filled series, it’s the saucy rumours.

This morning, Fitzy and Wippa got to the bottom of all the MAFS theories, asking listeners to call in with any rumours they had come across - and boy oh boy were they good!

But, before you get ahead of yourselves, we know what you’re thinking - How do we know if any of them are actually true? And the truth is, most of it is all speculation. 

HOWEVER, the bombshell that was dropped on the show today comes from a pretty reliable source.

You may, or may not remember when the boys received a call from our listener Ken, who warned them to keep an eye on Jessika (the bride he expected to leave Mick for fellow contestant Dan).  And as it turns out, he was right! Jessika was on the show yesterday and confirmed it was true, admitting Dan was a good kisser:

So, when Ken called in again today, explaining how the marriage between Jessika and Mick actually fell through, we had no reason not to believe him – right?

“I caught up with Amber’s bestie last night and look, from what I have been told these guys made a pact that they would stay together for the show and now they’ve gone through the whole process of meeting each other’s families” - he shared.

“So, as you have seen last night, she went out, well he now goes out to her place at Werribee and meets her. It all goes really, really, well and then they get back to the apartment and that’s when the heat turns up. And, that’s when they end up getting busted and that’s when they end up both leaving the show” - Ken added.

We mean, Ken could be totally off the mark here, but hey, this should be enough to tie us over until we find out for ourselves!

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Written By Rosanna Lamotta

“How can a Big Brother loser end up so bad?”

"He lived a very full life. A great, full life."