Did we just uncover MAFS’s first potential marriage swap?!

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Very. Very. Interesting…

If you haven’t been watching Married At First Sight you need to get onto it and fast (seriously… what have you been doing with your time!) ‘cause things are heating up real quick and we’re basically obsessed!

Last night, a lot went down. We met newlyweds Martha and Michael, Bronson and Ines, AND even checked in on Sam and Elizabeth - who weren’t exactly off to the best start.

Elizabeth joined the boys in the studio this morning, to chat about her new ‘husband’ and even spilled the tea on a particular groom which happened to catch her fancy! Check out the chat below: 

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Written By Rosanna Lamotta

Can we get an invite to this neighboorhood?

"While I'm breaking charts, Wippa's breaking chairs!"

The news follows months of rumours about tension between the couples.