Ex-Bachie Contestant Emma Admits Ladies In The House Were Sexually Frustrated 

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"We're locked up for three months..."

The final week of The Bachelor is just around the corner, and if the teaser from last night told us anything - it’s that Matt’s final moments with Abbie, Helena and Chelsie get suuuper hot and heavy.

Some, *cough* Abbie *cough* more than others…

If you haven’t heard about Abbie and Matt’s "sexual chemistry" by now, you haven’t been keeping up with The Bachelor very well because it’s all everyone (including the pair themselves) seem to be talking about.

Although, it seems that Abbie wasn’t the only person feeling sexy things in the Bachie mansion.

This morning, Fitzy & Wippa caught up with recent eliminee Emma and she had a lot to say about the girls and their sexual frustrations in the house.

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Written By Rosanna Lamotta