Fitzy Reveals Dramatic Surgery Plans Amid Health Concerns

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"You basically have to break your legs"

Despite undergoing multiple knee reconstructions, Fitzy revealed on-air this week that he’s still suffering from debilitating pain.

In fact, his most recent surgery in December last year has left the former AFL player worse off than he was before.

“Someone put me on to a surgeon, I went and got it done and it hasn’t got any better. It’s actually worse than what it was before I went in for the knee reconstruction.

“I have tried to build up the muscles around the knee and it hasn’t worked and I am getting the pain I was getting before the reconstruction.”

Finding it hard to kick the footy with his kids Hewie and Lenny, Fitz sought a second opinion.

“I went to the Swans doctor and he goes ‘I’ll look at your MRI scans and I’ll X-ray your whole body’.”

Which leaves Fitzy now consider a drastic leg alignment to alleviate the pain.

According to his doctor, who has had the operation himself, “What they do is break your leg underneath your knee and turn your knee to straighten up with the top bit of your leg, so you walk straight instead of bow-legged and you’ll be pain free, it’s changed my life.”

While the big fella is seriously considering the procedure, caller Glen has some scary words for Fitz, calling it, “the most painful thing I have ever had in my life.”

“They cut through the bone, like a wedge when you cut a tree down, and then they use a donor bone hip they put inside the cut, that has got to heal for eight weeks, then you start your physio again.”


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Written By Cassie Crofts