Jess Reacts To Jules’ Accusations That She’s Immature

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And her response is NOTHING like we expected!

The last thing anyone expected to hear at Nova's Married At First Sight dinner party last night was Jess admitting to a fault. 

“At the last dinner party, Jules said she thought you were immature. What did you want to say to Jules tonight?” Jess was asked. 

To everyone’s shock - including Jules by the looks of it - Jess agreed with the statement.

“I think that Jules… she wasn’t saying we were immature overall, she was saying our behaviour at a lot of the dinner parties was immature and I agree with her.

“I think a lot of our behaviour was immature and was childish and we were being brats and we were distancing ourselves from the group because… we were just being bitches.”

Jules applauded Jess’ admission, clearly thrilled that her words had been heard and understood, while the rest of the table smiled at what seemed to be a breakthrough for Jess. 

But the peace and harmony didn’t last long… watch all of the explosive drama in the video below:

Written By Brynn Davies

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