Jessika's BRUTAL Response To Mick’s Shock Confession

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“You are disgusting!”

When Married At First Sight's Jessika appeared on Fitzy & Wippa this week, it was pretty clear things hadn’t worked out with Mick, what with her being spotted kissing fellow contestant Dan.

But it looks like their break-up will be a contentious one, as a new episode promo shows.

The clips begins with the couple sitting on the deck at Mick’s Gympie farm with Jessika getting increasingly upset after a revelation from her husband, telling him, “you’ve completely turned me off this situation. You’re disgusting. You are disgusting!”

Meanwhile, another preview shows a major fight between Heidi and Mike after he makes an unfortunate comment.

Bring on tonight’s episode!

Written By Cassie Crofts

“How can a Big Brother loser end up so bad?”

"He lived a very full life. A great, full life."