Roxy Jacenko Dishes On How Much Money She Spends On Clothes

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Roxy Jacenko is many things - successful, talented, a PR guru, lady boss (you catch our drift) and now she's adding reality star to her resume.

This morning, the socialite and her man Oliver caught up with Fitzy and Wippa ahead of the premiere of her new TV show I am Roxy, which, (if you didn't know) is co-produced by our very own Wippa!

So, what better way to celebrate it's on-screen arrival than with a sneak-peek into Roxy's life, or should we say, her closet.

The Sweaty Betty PR boss admitted to spending a massive $30,000 a month on her wardrobe, some of which she manages to get back by selling her second-hand clothes.


As for where the idea for the show came from? It may have taken months, but Wippa FINALLY got Roxy on board after reading about everything going on in her life.

"I had seen so many reality TV shows and they're not really doing anything shows, like it will be a whole episode about a girl going to an event and then you go look at what's going on in your life, you do everything", Wippa said.

"I think at the time Oli you may have been in jail, I think there was some breast cancer, there could have been an old flame that was skirting around the edges as well. There was a lot going on but I was looking at these headlines thinking how is this not a TV show", he added.

Well, we don't know about you guys but we have a very good feeling about it all!

You can catch the premiere of I am Roxy on Wednesday at 8:30pm on Channel 10.

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Written By Rosanna Lamotta


She kept Timm's ring!

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