Russell Crowe Reveals He Turned Down The Matrix And Walk The Line

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"I couldn't get past page 36!"

It seems like every famous actor has an iconic role they turned down. Christina Applegate knocked back Legally Blonde. Hugh Jackman said no to playing James Bond. Matt Damon passed on Avatar.

But Hollywood legend Russell Crowe seems to have more than his fair share!

After revealing earlier this week that he turned down a spot in Lord Of The Rings, Rusty spoke to Fitzy & Wippa about some other epic roles he passed on.

Despite picking up the script for The Matrix, the Oscar winner said he “couldn’t get past page 36”.

As for Walk The Line, while Rusty has a great love for Johnny Cash, he admitted Joaquin Phoenix was superb.

Hear the chat with Russell below!

Written By Cassie Crofts


“I was scream-crying on the floor!”

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