We Gift A Family Who Has Been Doing It Tough The Most Adorable Puppy We’ve Ever Seen

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Look at that face!

This morning we paid a visit to Danielle and her twin girls Sofia and Alessia - an incredible family who are dealing with the loss of their father and husband Ivan to brain cancer.

Ivan battled cancer for the past seven years; he was diagnosed when he was 31 and the twins were just 18 -months -old.

Fitzy & Wippa first met Ivan and Danielle three years ago and sent them for a break at Daydream Island after hearing about his ongoing battle.

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Unfortunately, Ivan’s condition deteriorated over the last three months. He tried to set up a few surprises for the girls for after he was gone, and also planned on getting them a puppy. He passed away before that could happen.

To add that little bit of healing to this family’s life, we gifted them with Jackson, the Miniature Yorkshire Poodle they always wanted.

Oh, and we had another little surprise for Danielle…

Watch their reactions here:

Written By Rosanna Lamotta

“The risk is around 2 o’clock.”


Unlucky, De Groot!