Wippa Puts His Body On The Line For 12-Week Transformation Program

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Can he pull it off?

Let's face it, Wippa's had a crack at a lot of interesting (and questionable) things this year, *cough* waterskiing *cough* but we have a feeling that his latest challenge will be the toughest yet.

This morning, Wips announced that he will be taking on the Men's Health 12- week transformation program and get this, will (hopefully) land on the front cover of the magazine.

Awesome, right?

Scott Henderson, the editor of Men's Health Australia dropped by the studio to celebrate the news and well, dished on Wippa's rough start to the challenge.

Catch up on the latest Fitzy & Wippa podcast:

And by rough start, we're talking Day 1 back injuries.

Watch their chat full below:

Oh, and did we mention that Dr. Michael Mosley also gave Wippa some pointers on what alcohol he can and can't drink for the challenge?

Turns out red wine is the best alcoholic bevy to have when you're taking part in a body transformation:

"I think probably a bit of red wine... Not too bad (in sugar) and red wine has lots of other things, good ingredients," Michael shared.

"Your microbiome will enjoy small amounts of it, " the doctor added.

There you go Wips, looks like you'll be laying off the beers for quite a while!

Written By Rosanna Lamotta