How bad is it to hold in your poop?

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Don't hold your poop

It’s not a sexy subject but it’s something you need to know about.

Let’s just cut to the chase. We all have to do it, but there are times when we wish we didn’t, am I right?

It can come at the most inappropriate times - the middle of date, at the beach or in the middle of an important work meeting. 

So, as every normal human does, you hold it in until you find a better time. 

Well, author of ‘What Your Poo Says About You’, Dr Alison Chen, ND says this is not ideal.

“Holding in your poo on the rare occasion is fine, but [shouldn’t be] done all the time.”

Chen says it can lead to unnecessary constipation as the longer you hold the stool in your colon, the more water is absorbed and the harder it becomes. 

This could then lead to  potential colon damage due to the effort and strain of expelling it later on. 

Fun fact, it takes your body a little less than 53 hours for it to fully digest your meals from your mouth to the other end. 

“Holding farts in isn’t as bad, because it is air that needs to be released.

“But it is still pressure that is building up inside.”

So in short, you’ve got to accept it. When you gotta go, you gotta go. Farts and all. 

Don't hold your poop
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Written By Christina Cavaleri
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