The Age Game: The ’50 Club’ edition

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The Age Game is heating up… 

Aussie girl Nicole Kidman turned the millstone age of 50 yesterday… So today’s Age Game was all about celebs who are a part of the ‘50’ Club.

It was a bit of an easy one for Kate and Marty today, all of the celebs were either 49, 50 or 51. 

Marty has currently won 14 games, while Kate has only won 9, which means that the big Shiggs only needs to win 9 more games to take home the trophy. 

So, was it another win for Marty today?! Check it out… 

And in case you missed The Age Game last week, you can re-live the moment here > > 

Written By Gemma Prendergast

It's called Synethesia, and it's pretty cool. 


She openly admitted she cares more about this game than she does about how well her album does. 


It's the Achy Breaky Heart Edition