The Age Game: The ‘Superstar sisters’ edition

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Age Game

 Just some classic sisters….

Yesterday’s guest for Quick Draw was the beautiful Dannii Minogue who of course is Kylie’s sister, so today’s Age Game was based around superstar sisters. 

But instead of just one age, today Kate and Marty had to guess the combined age of the superstar sisters.

Like always the best out of 3 wins and Marty only needs to win 7 more games to win for the year. 

Current score: Marty- 16 Kate- 13 

Who added another point to their tally? Check it out > > 

Written By Gemma Prendergast

It's called Synethesia, and it's pretty cool. 


She openly admitted she cares more about this game than she does about how well her album does. 


It's the Achy Breaky Heart Edition