The Age Game: The tippity, tap, tap, tap’ edition

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It’s time to get your tap dancing on

So, long time listeners of the show would know that Kate is partial to a good tap dance. She’s said it enough times that she used to be a tap dancer when she was younger. With that in mind, this week’s edition of The Age Game was all about celebs that like to tap dance. 

Think the Hugh Jackman’s and the big Richard ‘dick’ Gere’s of the world. 

Richard Gere

The best of three wins and it’s worth noting that Marty is closing on taking the whole it out for the year. Check it out…. 

Written By Gemma Prendergast

It's called Synethesia, and it's pretty cool. 


She openly admitted she cares more about this game than she does about how well her album does. 


It's the Achy Breaky Heart Edition