Hamish Blake vs Kate Ritchie in Quick Draw

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That's right guys... The intruder is back and he means business!

It's the second Quick Draw redemption round for 2018 and if there's one thing we sure of, it's that Kate's more determined than ever before!

Last week, Kate Ritchie faced off against the lovely, and extremely talented musician Amy Shark! And, after going head to head in another tie-breaker round, she came out victorious 4-3.

So, who's the next person to enter the 'Redemption Arena' - you ask?

We're pleased to announce that 1/2 of comedy duo Hamish and Andy, Hamish Blake is back and ready to play (Andy is overseas).

Will Kate redeem her previous loss or will Hamish continue to soar, even without his partner in crime?

Check it out below...

Written By Rosanna Lamotta

It's called Synethesia, and it's pretty cool. 


She openly admitted she cares more about this game than she does about how well her album does. 


It's the Achy Breaky Heart Edition