Kate Ritchie Reveals Petty Behaviour On Her Last Day Of 'Home & Away' And Wow

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Now, that's a pretty dodgy move.

Kate Ritchie played the darling Sally Fletcher on ‘Home & Away’ for twenty years, and now she’s dished some dirt.

She told her Nova drive co-hosts, Tim & Marty about the petty move another actor made on her last day of filming.

“Have I told you the story about my pigeon hole when I left 'Home & Away'? And I swear to god I had not even finished filming my final scene,” Kate said.

“Someone has pulled my name off - because I had a good pigeon hole because I'd earned it - someone peeled my name off and put their name on!”

Watch Kate tell the story….

But she refused to rat out her former co-star, except to say it wasn't Lynne McGranger or Ray Meagher. Phew!

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