Kate Tim & Marty Play Radio Games From Around The World

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In what they're calling 'International Airwaves'!

All this week Kate, Tim & Marty are playing radio games from stations all around the world. 

It's all to help listeners win an overseas holiday!

Kate spins a globe, and wherever her finger lands is the holiday up for grabs thanks to Malaysia Airlines. Register your details for your chance to play!

On Monday, the guys played The Blindfold Text Challenge from The Kris Fade Show in Dubai. 

On Tuesday, the guys headed across the ditch to Auckland's Bree & Clint show. 

We pinched their Insta Fame Game where Marty & Kate guessed the number of followers a celebrity has on Instagram. 

Considering Marty doesn't have Instagram, he was surprisingly good at it!

The guys took on Capital FM's Roman Kemp's Whisper Challenge!

Marty & Kate try to lipread what Tim is saying, whoever is closest wins the holiday for a listener.

Then we pinched Mystery Celebrity from The Howard Stern Show!

Marty & Kate take it in turns to ask the celebrity on the phone 'yes' or 'no' questions. If the celebrity answers 'yes' they get to keep asking questions, if they answer 'no', the other person gets to ask the questions. 

Big thanks to Missy Higgins for joining us on the phone! You can grab tickets to her shows here

We pinched this game from a radio station in Amsterdam! It's called 'I Will Never Drink More Alcohol' Kate & Marty have to guess the brands of beer correctly

Written By Madeline Muir
Madeline Muir_Nova

It's songs by artists who have collaborated with DJ Khaled


And it's a battle for the ages!

KTM_Age Game Biscuits

Can Marty & Kate guess how old these biscuit classics are?