Rita Ora vs Kate Ritchie in Quick Draw

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The UK pop sensation is back for another round of Quick Draw, gang! 

Seriously... The Quick Draw guests keep on getting bigger and bigger and we're SO here for it.

Today marks the third Quick Draw redemption round of 2018 and we're extremely excited to welcome back international superstar and upcoming performer at the ARIA Awards, Rita Ora!

In case your memory needs a little refreshing... The last time these ladies faced off was in London (ahead of the Royal Wedding), where Rita not only came out victorious 4-3, but we were also introduced to the 'undeniable' chemistry between the 'Let You Love Me' singer and our very own Marty Sheargold!

This time around, the tables have turned and Kate is playing Quick Draw on her own home turf!

Will it give her the competitive edge to take the UK sweetheart down or will Rita prove to master the glorious game once again?

Check it out below...









Written By Rosanna Lamotta

Urzila kept the fight out of the carpark when she took on Kate!


It's the Sesame Street edition!


Kate's vulnerable from a loss last week... Can she win?