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As Australians, we’re known for our happy-go-lucky, laid back attitude to life. We’re ‘The Lucky Country’, graced with rich natural resources, educational resources and economic stability.

But has this privilege made us complacent? Is it holding us back from reaching our full potential?

According to the CGU Ambition Index, the answer is yes. We’re a nation of dreamers, not do-ers.

Enough is enough. The time has come to celebrate and encourage Australians to take the first step towards their dreams.

The Ambition Index inspired Australians from all walks of life to act on their ambitions and bridge the gap from dream to do and thanks to CGU Insurance, five of Australia's most ambitious dreamers have an extra $5,000 to kickstart their dreams. Let's hear their stories. 

More on the CGU Ambition Index

The CGU Ambition Index surveyed 2,000 people, of which 1,000 were small business owners. It gives us a lot to unpack but it sheds an interesting light on our attitudes to ambition and future achievement.

Here are some of the highlights from the CGU Ambition Index:

•68% of Australians believe we have a culture of negativity surrounding ambition. 75% of Australian business owners agree.

• 53% dream of starting their own business or side-hustle but only 6% have actually done it.

• Almost 70% say we don’t like to talk about our ambitions for fear of ‘bragging’.

• 44% of Australians, including 48% of women and 54% of Millennials, name a fear of failure as the reason why they don’t want to achieve their ambition.

Now for some numbers. 

• If 10% of all Australians who say it is their ambition to start a business do so in the next two years – Australia would boast an additional 250,000 new businesses. 

• If 1% of all Australian small businesses were able to reach their revenue and growth targets, they could contribute $1.7 billion to Australia’s GDP in the next twelve months. 

Now for some good news. Australians are down with becoming more ambitious. 

• Australians want to be more ambitious – 88% in themselves, 77% in their partners and 91% in the nation. 

• 70% of Australians believe ambition is something you can learn, rather than something you’re born with.

Click here to view the CGU Ambition Index in full. 

Fitzy & Wippa are on board, too. Check out the video below for some ambition inspiration. Let's get that side hustle, hustling!

Written By Chana Matchimbanpoth

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