Aussie mum making headlines with her incredible 51kg weight loss transformation

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Cicily Goodwin is 23-years-old, and a mother of two.

The New South Wales woman, and self-confessed food addict, decided she needed to make a change when she weighed in at 128kgs.

In July 2016, she committed to a weight loss program.


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Goodwin, who hails from Nambucca Heads, gave her lifestyle and diet a much needed overhaul.

Speaking with The Daily Mail Australia, she explained how she came across The Healthy Mummy online weight loss group.

“A friend added me to the online group and I couldn't believe it because for me because I had always been overweight it felt impossible to me that I'd ever lose it.

“It got really bad once I moved out of home because I grew up in such a healthy household. Once I left I just went crazy because I didn't need to hide away junk food anymore. 

“It got to a point where I became addicted to fast food and every day I was eating takeaway for multiple meals - things like KFC and McDonald's - and massive amounts of soft drink.

“I was also drinking up to 10 coffees per day and eating a lot of food at a time; even if it wasn't junk I would pile my plate up and eat until I was completely, uncomfortably full.”

She started out by buying a Smooth mix, and would have them twice a day with fruit.

“I didn't rush things, I was still enjoying chocolate every now and then, but I cut out all soft drinks and started to follow their meal plans.”

She said she started cooking wholesome meals that she actually enjoyed and has learnt so much about nutrition and exercise.

“I also did my home exercise after I popped the kids in bed at night time and spent about 45 minutes to an hour doing it, it's so simple. No gym required.”

Sicily has lost 51kgs and looks incredible.


Written By Emily Whitham

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