Bikinis made of duct tape are a thing now

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Images: Black Tape Project

A Miami Swim Week runway featuring bikinis made of cut-up duct tape has raised eyebrows online.

Fashion brand Black Tape Project was responsible for the collection, dubbed “Tape Art and Alternative Fashion”, that featured looks made from what looked like simple tape to create elaborate, metallic designs.

The barely-there designs saw models covered in tiny shapes covering their nipples and genitals. No word on whether the suits stay on in the water… or if they’re painful to remove. Ouch!

Thank you @blacktapeproject for an amazing show #miamiswimweek

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Black Tape Project designer Joel Alvarez explained on Instagram that he only finished assembling the looks minutes before the runway show started - and added panels of tape live on the runway.

Alvarez explained on his website that he started wrapping models in tape while working as a photographer in 2008, and by 2017, a duct-tape shoot with a former Miss Puerto Rico went viral:

“I took a 15 sec video of her in the gold tape with my phone and posted in my Facebook. In 3 days it had over 7 million views over 50k shares world wide. My emails, DM's and phone line went bonkers. Radio and tv interviews. Articles and features in national news outlets and magazines. I was so shocked and asked my self, all because some tape art? from there on I have been to improve my life, meet remarkable people and travel the world while exhibiting my art. Its safe to safe that Black Tape saved my life!!”

While Joel doesn’t sell his designs online - you can buy rolls of duct tape from him to create your own adhesive masterpieces.

Images: Black Tape Project

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