The Cadbury chocolate of your dreams is actually happening

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We never thought we’d see the day - but Cadbury have found a way to make low-calorie chocolate.

That’s right - their famous Dairy Milk chocolate has been recreated with 30% less calories - and apparently it tastes EXACTLY THE SAME as the original.

And it will sell at the SAME PRICE as normal Dairy Milk, side by side on supermarket shelves in perfect, health-conscious harmony.

Cadbury’s European head Glenn Caton told The Sun that the product has been in development for two years - with 20 scientists and specialists discovering how to preserve the famous flavour of Dairy Milk while removing the sugar. The resulting recipe reportedly features no artificial sweeteners, colours or preservatives, either.

"It tastes very, very close to the original but a little less sweet. It's been tested extensively on consumers and they love it. 

"Taking sugar out of our products isn't easy and will take time.

"Ultimately they are treats and people expect them to taste great, but we're working hard to find innovative solutions that provide more choice without compromising on their world-renowned taste and quality."

Image: Cadbury

How did they do it? They replaced the sugar with a type of fibre with a similar structure, which preserve’s the chocolate’s texture as well as its flavour.

The move comes hot on the heels of Nestle introducing low-cal choccies last year - with new versions of KitKat, Aero and Smarties carrying their own calorie-dodging recipe.

So when can we get that (less) sweet new Dairy Milk in our gobs?

Paul Chatfield, the associate director of Everyday Chocolate, told the Herald Sun he knew nothing, basically:

“While we don’t currently have any plans to bring reduced sugar Cadbury Dairy Milk milk chocolate to Australia, we’re always looking at products from across our global portfolio that we think Australians will love and will meet the taste preferences of local Cadbury fans.”

Image: Cadbury

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