We Now Know Australia’s Favourite Way To Eat Lolly Snakes

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In partnership with Allen’s Lollies, we put the Australia's Lolly Lovers to the test.

The folks at Allen’s Lollies did a good thing and commissioned a scientific study to find out how Aussies eat jelly snake lollies.

According to the Allen’s Lolly Lovers Index (ALLI), we’re a nation of suckers, nibblers, biters, stretchers, twisters and chompers — a total mixed bag!

Allen’s Snakes are the nation's favourite with 30% of those surveyed preferring a wriggly reptile over all others. 

Let’s keep chewing the numbers. How do we eat our snakes? 

Aussies prefer to bite the head of a jelly snake before they get stuck into the rest of the body. Other popular methods include the stretch (where one stretches the body into until it snaps... brutal) and the nibble (which involves polite bites along the length of the body). 

Baby boomers (50-69 years) are the biggest stretchers (35%) with millennials taking the second prize. 

Western Australians are the biggest decapitators (48%) while 50% of Victoria and Tassie are stretchers.

Queenslanders like to nibble, with 19% chewing along the length of the snake before eating. 

At Nova, we eat a lot of jelly snakes. Like, a lot. We’re an office of suckers, stretchers, nibblers, twisters and beyond. 

We asked ourselves, what other wacky ways can we eat a jelly snake?

The Notorious T.I.E. Tie the snake in a knot with your tongue then show off your handiwork to anyone who walks into the office.
Pho way. Fill your bowl with a bag of wrigglers and suck up those slitheries with chopsticks. It's way cheaper than a holiday.
Showcase the highly sought after handmade jelly snake jewellery range to your coworkers.
Be cute. Do it Lady & The Tramp style.
Ansssssswer the phone and asssssk who'ssssss calling pleasssssse

How do you eat your snakes?

Presented in partnership with Allen's Lollies.

Written By Rebecca O'Malley

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